The solution that allows you to analyse your customers’ behaviours.

Increase your sales and improve the quality of your service by analysing the metrics of your store in real time.

What do I get with this solution?

Because improving has never been easier

Increase sales

Lay out your store more efficiently based on the traffic of your customers. Study the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and keep the best ones.

Reduce costs

You no longer need to spend so much money on market research. Metrikea provides you with all the information you need.
Reduce the number of staff when they are not needed.

Improve the quality of service

Avoid waiting times in queues and ensure the right number of staff for the influx of customers at any moment.


Some of the key features...


What do your customers do as they enter? Where do they stop the most? Where don’t they go? How long do they stay in your store?


Adjust the number of staff as needed at any moment.


Monitor the flow of customers in real time. Study customer conversion.

Compare your stores

Generate comparison reports across the stores in your chain.

Metricas y Analiticas sector comercio

Manage Queues

Monitor the flow of people and avoid long queues.


Study the impact of your marketing campaigns.


Optimise the layout of your store by arranging your products most efficiently.


Set up your own personalised alerts to be able to react quickly to unexpected situations.

Your metrics are always available

With our online platform, you can access your metrics anytime and anywhere.

  • Access an online analytics platform
  • Access from a computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • Data is encrypted and secure
  • Integrate with the store’s other data sources

We reinvent how to measure

Online businesses have long been increasing sales through the use of sophisticated online metric tools. Until now, brick-and-mortar stores were operating at a disadvantage in not having access to such valuable real time information.

Metrikea provides you with the ultimate solution to revolutionise your business.

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